about us

as a megaformer junkie, cardio gym rat, cycle class dabbler and yogi wannabe, i found myself getting hooked on barre classes.

i'm not ashamed to admit it: ALL of my leggings are black (or mostly black) and i LOVE them. i'm not basic – i prefer "classic." i like simple. i like cute. i like feminine and fun. and i like lowercase letters. though i'm not brave enough to wear loud, printed leggings and super bright colors, i will wear cute socks. but i was having a hard time finding grip socks on the market that

sometimes i'd run out of clean grip socks and wear my (*gasp*) regular, cute socks to barre. i'd always get compliments on them, immediately followed by the question, "do they have grips?" the answer would always be "no."

which got me thinking....i should make cute grip socks. i just happen to be a graphic designer with textile experience, with – lucky me – friends who happen to be barre enthusiasts, copywriters, merchandise planners, fashion designers and marketing pros. and so i got to work (work, work, work, work).

after two years of dreaming, planning, carefully designing and we are. i'm beyond excited to finally share grippysox with you and hope you enjoy them as much as i do. so much more is yet to come – we're just getting started.

we truly are designed with love  in portland, oregon and hope you'll join us on this journey, black leggings and all.








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